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Five Reasons Why HRDM Students Should Get Involved With Student Organizations Like HRSS.

Whilst venturing across the field I am currently in now, I cannot deny the fact that I am still yearning for becoming a student, a student leader in particular. I am quite wistful about the short time I was given to serve my fellow students and I wish I could have one more year. In two years of carrying out my duties as a student leader in College, I learned a lot of things- things which I can gradually use in my professional career and can share with amazing community of students.

There are lots of things that I wanna share to those who can be able to read this blog about the great experiences I’ve had through out the years I’ve been with HRSS. Things that for sure will inspire them along scanning this spot to join a student organization like HRSS.

Honestly, it never really occurred to me before that I would be given such opportunity to be part of the Executive Board in our organization. But, I am thankful that I had the privilege for I became the person that I have aimed to be. And before getting this chance, I started as a staff in my third year in College then later when I had the moment, I run for a specific position and won. I had an extraordinary experiences with my colleagues and even in conducting activities held in our University and even outside the campus. Satisfaction has always occurred in place whenever me and my co-executive boards were recognized by the Department. This is a story that ought to be told.

Well, now that I already graduated from College, it’s a chance I guess for me to tell you, College students, the benefits you may get by joining a student organization. So, why should you get involved with student organizations?

1. It helps you develop your personality.

–  I am not saying that joining an organization alone will help you develop your personality. Definitely not. You can never gain development of yourself if you’ll just sit back while your co-associates are performing their tasks. Many students have become confident and self-reliant after and while still involving with a student organization. And this requires commitment. Once you commit yourself with this activity, there is no turning back. Unless you choose to reject self-development.

2. To have fun and create camaraderie.

– Isn’t it fun that while you’re performing your responsibilities, you make friends and create harmonious relationship with your associates at the same time? This is a good catch about the idea of involving yourself with a student organization. It will help you a lot if you’re just gonna let yourself surround with the people who have the same passion as yours. By doing this, you can broaden your connections around your society.

3. To gain new skills.

– It is always the aim of almost all student organizations to train its members to strive on their field of studies while studying and make them equipped in facing the real world in the future. In involving yourself with student organization, you may expect that you will be exposed to diversity and this idea will definitely help you in gaining more skills which you can use as an edge over other competitive people.

4. To become a leader. 

– I always quote that leadership isn’t all about the position or experiences you’ve gained. You learn so much more when it becomes your job to teach or nurture someone else. Joining a student organization is a big step for you to get ready to face the real-world environment. And this is a quality of a leader you must possess.

5. To learn more about yourself.

– You may not agree but it is true that it takes a lifetime for you to know yourself better. Student organization like HRSS offers you a different degree of personal challenge. However, it is still in your end how you’re gonna come across. In committing to this, you may learn your personality, your skills, your edges, and even your weaknesses.

In connection to this, I myself have also experienced having trouble in trusting my abilities before, until one day when I was able to execute a certain task. At first, I was afraid even though there was no assurance I might fail later. I did not find any inspiration, though. What I did was I tried to put more confidence in myself, and as a result, I gained applause from my associates for winning over my fear. From that scenario, I learned that I can perform more than enough of what I think I can.

Many students do not realize the importance or value of joining a student organizations. Some, if not all, may conclude that joining one may hinder them in achieving academic excellence. For others, it’s just a waste of time and has nothing to do with their career as a student.

To my readers, if you are afraid of the responsibilities you may acquire by involving yourself with student organizations, I think you must give time to research about the benefits and advantages it provides. I bet my salary if you won’t be encouraged to join. Haha!

Take the next big step in your life. Make your first and last days in College a success.

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No more chances for you to bring him back.

You are awaken by the sound of your own voice uttering something in your dreams, like as if you were asking someone to stay with you for a lifetime but  was resistant to do so. You open your eyes and tousle your hair, exhausted from yesterday’s event. Nobody’s home but you at 5:00 o’clock in the morning of Saturday. You get up to seek for some refreshments. A glass of water perhaps but your mind decides for a pint of beer.

You check out to your living room and as you survey around each corner of your house, you are notified all of a sudden by your memories that everything’s not the same as it used to be. You see the mess around your place, broken glasses scattered everywhere. All you can do is sigh and blame yourself. Blame yourself for doing the things you shouldn’t have done. Then you want to go back to stay in bed and continue to pretend dead.

Darkness comes on each of your steps back to your room and you are not aware of your own tears but, the pain is felt down to your soul. Deeply killing your whole being for you are no longer the promising woman in his life. You are left behind with just the memories of him. And you are the one to be blamed. Now you cry and never stop crying for you deserve to be hurt this way. You let the man leave you for your own mistake. You let him walked away because you asked for it. You did the wrong job.

As this moment of loneliness almost shatters you into tiny pieces, as you lay down and face the ceiling, all you can think about is him. The picture of him delivering his proposals and promises are completely clear to your recollection. Save the loyalty he has offered to you. His kindness you have taken for granted, you let him suffer for a long time for nothing. And now’s the time to realize his importance. But there is nothing you can do to undo all these happy memories. Because what’s done is done. No more second chances. No more chances for you to bring him back.

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Three reasons why you should let him go.

Many of us have struggled after a dramatic break up but only a few is able to cope with the pain brought by the separation. Break ups are something that sometimes trigger us not to enter into another relationship. It is phobia or trauma that may fit the case. But remember, it is a help for you to move forward and be happy with someone you deserve in your life.

If you are hurt by the fact that you two weren’t compatible and afraid to be hurt again, these are the reasons why you should let him go:

1. You may have built already your future with him but that does not mean you will never be able to make your future as better as planned. Always remember that you deserve someone in your life who will never get tired of loving you, a man who is not going to judge you by your past. Your future does not require you to be planned with the man you loved the most in your life. As far as your own family is concerned, they are just there. They can be your inspiration of getting ahead of your future. And, never settle for less.

2. As quoted: Break ups hurt, but losing someone who does not respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss. Wait for the man who is going to ask your parents to go with you to a date, drive you somewhere special with your sister or brother, and treat your whole family to Starbucks. Those may be simple with those who aim to get a luxurious attention, but those are never just simple for those who appreciate you as a human being, who deserve to be treated simply right.

3. Let him go. Just make it easy to let him go. He did hold back. Where’s the point of holding on? Let him go for your history with him was part of your growth, for you to realize that love is sometimes cruel and that you won’t always get the things you want.

Be inspired with those who did a job in enduring the pain of letting the one they once loved because, as the matter of fact, for that hard way, they were able to find the right person of their dreams. So girls, it is actually Okay to plan your future with your current boyfriend. But always remember that the more you expect, the more you may get hurt.

There are reasons indeed why people split up, and why you broke up. But regardless of the reasons why, learn to let him go for you will never understand why he did not hold on to you. You may not see the true for now but eventually, as you move on and keep faith, you will. Be happy. As people say, life is a balance of holding on and letting go. Just. Be happy and kiss your past goodbye.

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lire et écrire

girl_writing_outsideWhen I was a kid, one of my dreams’ to become a writer. For the reason that the first English word I was able to read all by myself was “write”. I remember that very moment, when I was sitting on the floor and a textbook was on my lap, I was trying my best to read a word because I was really insecure about the fact that my classmates in Grade 1 were able to read. And then suddenly, the word “write” effortlessly came out through my breath and there was a lull as I stared at the five-letter word printed at the book I was holding and there, after a second did I just realize I could understand that word and that I could read at last. And I was really proud like as if I won a lottery.

The times I enjoyed reading, I was enlightened by the possibility that I could be a writer someday. I knew then already, despite my age, that for me to become a writer, I have to be a good reader. That’s the reason I pursued to read more and comprehend every single word I encounter through pages. Because I wanted to be a writer. I always want to.

Aside from writing, I am also fond of reading books, particularly novels. I’ve found a great deal with reading since the day I started to read fairy tales. Reading is also the main reason why I write because, I am convinced that in every story I read, there is a story behind that story that the author has written, and because I want to be read. And just like the famous authors in the world, even those who are not, has a story to tell so they write. I wanna be like them, so I write.

I have reasons why I do these things, and the reason why I write is the same reason why am in love with reading. Simply I find true happiness and I am inspired. I find happiness in these hobbies of mine. I do write and I have proofs that I write. I read and I have evidence that I read.

Some people may find reading tedious but for me, I believe it has something to do with the growth of every person. Reading is fun indeed, and I can never deny that fact for I have enjoyed most of my time in reading. Furthermore, I may not be a good writer for some, if not all, other people, but no matter what happens, one thing is certain, I never will cease traveling on reading and writing. I find the real me inside the books I read and in the words that float in my head. The feelings and the pleasure, tho.

Writing is my safe haven, I always tell that to myself because in writing, I am able to reveal who really I am. I have the free will to doing so. I am doing this because I want to share something to other people. I want to share my stories and make them inspired in what I am doing. I am in love with words. I find it very incredible every time I use every new word I learn in a sentence, and be able to create a meaningful story by that certain word. I want to be a writer, a writer in my own style. And no one could ever interfere.

For the hundredth time, I will say this again, if you have got an idea, write it down. Write, so other people could read you.