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An Open Letter To The People I Have Met

To the friends I had when I was eight, we were five in a group and used to play cards with other boys in school. I wonder  what you guys are doing now and where you all are. I actually tried to search your names in Facebook, I still remember you all actually but I always fail to find you. Sometimes, when I feel like I want to go back to the old times, I think about playing cards with all of you.

To the people I met when I had my first crush in Grade 6, there was a time that you all were teasing me in front of him and I was rubbery then, I couldn’t move. No one of you tried to conceal me until I broke. Where are you now? We are friends in Facebook, all of you. One day I messaged you, and one by one checked your profile. No one has ever responded from the message I sent to all of you. I am still wondering if the boy I used to have a crush on had ever felt the same way.

To the people I met on my first day of High school, you were my closest friends before I’ve known the ones who are real friends with me. I am hoping we meet one day and try to build new friendship. You helped me gather my belongings when I slipped on the floor upon entering the classroom. I miss your helpful hands.

To the boy I met on my very first day of university, for one day I have known you. We were strangers but absurd as it may sound, I have known your stories, your personalities, who you are deep down. I want to know how your life has been in the years after we met. Most importantly, I want to know your name. I want to meet you again and tell you my stories. You are my the-one-that-got-away.

To the friends I met in College who stayed with me, I love you all. I guess I have nothing to hide for you know me well enough. You guys have seen me cry; you’ve seen me laugh; you’ve seen me fall in love with the first man who broke my heart. I’ve told you everything about my life.

To the people I am being surrounded with right now, to my workmates, one of these days, for reasons, I am gonna leave you.

But before I leave, I’d like you to know that most of the time, I feel forgotten, not good enough to belong in your lives. I feel as tough you decide to not talk to me all the time. I feel ignored every time. I feel so sad that for the 6 months we’ve worked together in a team, I have never had at least a chance to show you who really I am, what I am capable of doing and what I can do. I am leaving. For this time, I will be the one to leave.

People come and go. Likewise, there is a reason why one comes into our lives. And for this instance, I’ll leave to seek growth, to find the right place and people I am suited to. You guys are great, I am jealous when I see you all together while I am in one corner. I am tired of it. So I will find my comfort zone.

To the people I got to attach with, I am sorry for becoming temporary in your life. Someday, someone will replace me. Someone who will never leave you. Someone who is better than me.

And to the people I am bound to meet in the future, I will come in your life for a purpose. To learn, to gain new experiences, to cherish “now” moments, and to be a lesson. Let me in and I can guarantee that I will stay as long as you let me.


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To The Man I Will Spend My Life With

To the man I will spend my life with,

Certainly, you are going to learn every single detail about my past. And because of that, you probably would have doubts on me, on my capacity to love you, and even on how far we can go. I have lived a darkest life before, I admit. But like a flower who wants to see her beauty, let me show you who really I am. For now, I want you to leave everything about my past behind, so you can get to know me better, and discover the deep person in me.

I want you to cover my blemishes with all your tenderness. I want you to wrap me with your arms tightly when it is cold for I am excited to feel that kind of affection.

Hold me closer to your heart so I can hear the beating of it. I want to hear the music that carries within your pulse. I want to sing with its every rhythm and hum when it gets low. I want to feel your warmth when I am against your chest and I want you to feel the special affection I give you, for this is something I’ve given in my past which has just been ignored. I want to learn your reaction. Touch me and let my love come rushing.

I want you to love me with all my flaws and weaknesses. I want you to accept everything about me. Cheer me to stand and face the world with all my might. Tell me that I am the completely amazing thing that ever happened to you.

I might be too young to settle. But I am too old to play stupid mind games and for less. Don’t take me for granted.

Don’t leave me hanging.

Love me in million ways.

Be honest with me and appreciate that i am doing the same thing with you.

I want you to dance with me when it rains. I want you to come with me outside and sing while the rain pours through my face. I want you to remind me how blessed you are that we have crossed path and now I am yours. You are mine and nothing will ever come between us.

Let me tour you to museums and parks. I find peace in there. Let me share with you the things I am fond of. Let me read a book for you and fall asleep on it. Let me write a letter instead when I can’t find the right words to say in person. But please convince me to say it all out loud. I want you to hear my voice.

Travel with me. Let’s go to places where love can be found. Let’s see the world and be proud that we are able to see it, meet new people together. Let’s run under the sun while it hits our skin; let’s laugh as if there’s no tomorrows. Let’s go to woods and trek through the summit. These are the amazing things inside my world and I want you to be a big part of it.

I want you to stay with me from dawn to dusk. I want you to live with me forever. And promise me that you will never leave me for I won’t. I know you are not gonna be perfect but  I am more than happy to accept you perfectly, honestly, genuinely.

Please don’t just fall in love with me. Grow with me. And above anything else, chase for me even I am yours already.

Chase for me forever.


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Pinto Art: A Gallery of Life, Culture, and Nature.

My eagerness to travel is what brought me here. If you are living nearby Antipolo and crave to do something new, you do not have to go far for Pinto Art Museum, which is located at Grand Heights, Antipolo City, is a perfect place to saunter. From its humble environment and unique artistry to nature-friendly scenery, most probably you’ll find here what you are looking for.

Clueless of what this museum has to offer, I was so excited to have an adventure in this enchanting and magical place.

2015-11-07 03.25.00 1 2015-11-07 03.23.54 1

I’ve always been waiting for this day to come since the day I learned about Pinto Art Museum. I have always been wanting to visit this place for the longest time after seeing photos of my friends who have already been here. After visiting the Museum of the Filipino People, I have found it very interesting to visit a museum one more time. And yes, my first thought was Pinto Art Museum.

It was such a wonderful experience to have been able to see every artist’s/ craftsman’s piece of work that Pinto Art Museum treasures inside. Pinto Art Museum is a charming combination of indie and contemporary type of art, creative landscaping, and enlightened architecture packed in a 1.2 hectare of land. The scenery here is so relaxing you would desire to revisit again and again.

It was exactly 11:45 AM when Emiko and I arrived in the place. As soon as I saw the entrance to the museum, I was reminded by a Filipino classic house and was fascinated already with the structure of the building. You wouldn’t think that it is a museum for it looks like a house with a white-washed walls and ordinary gate. It is very different from the other museums I’ve been to already.


2015-11-07 04.40.22 1

As soon as we stepped inside, we were surprised at this creepy collections that’re sitting near the main entrance of the building. By the moment I started to survey the place, I loved it instantly and knew that there were a lot of mysteries to discover.


Everything here is so picturesque. It is a great place for prenup photo shoot, actually. Luckily, my friend, Emiko Garcia, happily accompanied me in this adventure. She was forced by me to come with me here. She’s also mesmerized just like me in every piece of work we’re able to see. And thanks to her for being my photographer! Haha.

11140140_1062168953808076_970443232098879924_n 12191665_1062170830474555_4487802579156877512_n 12193464_1062168917141413_4576008639715568065_n 12226996_1062170750474563_8508731982572720645_n

From aged doorways, windows, and quirky art piece, everything hides a magical story behind it, and reveals something interesting. Inside, you’ll find various art in forms of structure, paintings, installations, furniture, and even landscape.

Of all the museums I have visited, Pinto Art Museum is my favorite. Not because it is located in Antipolo but because of its classic and contemporary displays which I appreciate the most.

I’m not sure if it’s allowed to ride in this metal rocking horse.

2015-11-07 04.31.29 1

The art galleries display a variety of modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures and art installations.

  • 7 art galleries of Pinto Art Museum.

Gallery 1 

11148619_1062534170438221_205510613234792663_n 12187683_1062184123806559_674803668987520000_n  12219395_1062534423771529_3628897393530725824_n 12219528_1062534353771536_6544732519543019767_n12187809_1062184663806505_3010495467798274196_n

Gallery 2: My favorite gallery.

2015-11-07 04.17.26 1 2015-11-07 04.18.33 1 11217967_1062538463771125_8957775225390604526_n 12189767_1062538627104442_1050202986414001427_n

11219589_1062186090473029_2590827987322219043_n 12108178_1062187210472917_4622656106688914120_n 12122877_1062535023771469_1101861198040737304_n

Gallery 3

12191730_1062191257139179_255397993757733898_n 12195916_1062190507139254_1875581157731233006_n 12208440_1062190847139220_2565534513502785997_n 12219375_1062190510472587_3361642748920328454_n

Gallery 4

l p q

Gallery 5

i k r s

Gallery 6: Art treasures nestled within its walls.

12189168_1062543477103957_4784698153302953449_n 12193881_1062543197103985_5599208637407023555_n 12227703_1062542690437369_5219263092299784819_n 12208422_1062542847104020_6325232135499994260_n

Gallery 7


Who would have thought that in an unnoticeable space lies a very soothing, secluded, and relaxing room? Forest Room that is filled with bamboos and little pools with stones. It plays a relaxing music in the background. This is actually the best room of Pinto Art.


Cafe Tanaw: Overlooking the nice scenery of the place.

12187919_1062196003805371_4158967120630524653_n 12193765_1062195310472107_8338613632133714633_n 12208348_1062195060472132_5443428470317583001_n 12208519_1062195963805375_7651884448582568312_n

We were almost exhausted when we landed to The Museum of Indigenous Art, located in the lower gardens and showcases the richness of the Filipino culture.

10 11 8 7

I really do appreciate arts. I wish I could be a help in promoting this kind of activity to other people who have not yet found their interests. Maybe they’ll be fond of visiting places that mark the history of the Philippines such as museums after reading this blog. How I wish!

2015-11-07 03.26.22 1 2015-11-07 03.27.14 1

I would like to go back here with my friends and I am looking forward to new displays in every gallery.

house pool

Pinto Art Museum

1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights,

Antipolo City, Philippines
Contact Numbers: (+63) 2.697.1015

Email Address:

Museum Hours

Tuesdays – Sundays

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Entrance Fees

Adult – 180 pesos

Senior Citizen – 120 pesos

Student – 75 pesos


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Kristine Goes to National Museum

Now I have this chance to promote the culture, the history and the arts of our country. Thus, let me share ​with ​you my experience I had in visiting National Museum last Saturday, October 31.

​​One of the things that I desire to do in my life is to wander, explore, and see the beauty of this world, most especially of ​our country. I want to go to places that are very attractive and that promote the history of the Philippines. Museums in particular. I love the idea of going to different places, whatever their attributes are, as long as I will enjoy the view and learn new things, definitely I will have fun. Even though I have not yet gone far to travel (e.i. hiking, visit tourist spots we have in Pinas, and go to remote areas if possible​), I still do not lose hope that one day I will be able to do it. But for now, contented as I am, I am enjoying the affection of a museum.

When I heard that National Museum holds its free admission to public for the whole month of October, the first thing that came to my mind was that I should not miss it. To mark the celebration of Museums and Galleries Month, National Museum was allowing people who wanted to visit the place for free. Last Saturday, I had the​ chance to go there and ​experience ​the astounding ambiance of the place for the very first time.

And because this year also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the museum, the National Museum Planetarium was also open to anyone who wanted to witness all their shows for free. Me and my friend was not able to visit the National Museum Planetarium for we arrived at the Museum of the Filipino People, a branch of the National Museum at exactly 2PM and had only 3 hours of adventure inside. Because of this, we were lack of time to be able to explore the whole place. So, we decided to tour as many rooms as we could before we reached the closing time. 

If you are planning to visit the National Museum (note: free admission is no longer available but ​lo​, I heard that every Sunday, entrance to the museum is free ), first thing you should prepare is your camera! Who doesn’t want to ​take a selfie in such a wonderful place and document​ an adventure? Wink.

When we arrived at the Museum of the Filipino People, some of the visitors were already gone from inside and seemed to go home. First, me and Jasmine took pictures in front of the building and in the outdoor marker of the museum itself, and took selfies together.


Inside, there were children running back and forth as though they were playing in the garden. They seemed like they’re having their field trip or whatever, seeing that they’re wearing PE Uniforms and with guardians. I’m not sure for it was October 31 and it’s semester break. There were also students from different schools who were also absorbing the good spirits the gallery grants.

Anyway, the stairs going to the second floor was like the ones I usually see on TV when a mansion is featured with its characteristics inside. I was like in a stately home. I can’t explain what I was feeling the time I entered the ground hall. All I know is that I was thrilled by the fact that I was really in there.

image from Google
image from Google

Moving forward, here are a few snaps inside. Please bear with me for I won’t be able to name some of the relics and antiques I got to see.

FB_IMG_1446610684093 FB_IMG_1446773331770 FB_IMG_1446773344531 FB_IMG_1446773350597 FB_IMG_1446773373978

  • Berlin wall


a gift to the Filipino people from the people of Germany. According to the Business World Article: “The Berlin Wall wa erected by the German Democratic Republic in 1961 to completely encirlce West Berlin, and it became the iconic symbol of a divided Europe and the cold War until its demolition commenced on November 9, 1989.” 

The particular portion of the Wall, the 22nd section out of a total of 40 sections and was formerly erected in the Potsdamerplatz, was donated by the City of Berlin to the “city and people of Manila.

San Diego Wreck Site, History and Treasures


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

10151363_1061764603848511_3659275979951332926_n 11011231_1061764240515214_3736608776445402492_n 12122627_1061764323848539_1506478092672372361_n 12208744_1061764423848529_4519889303785645697_n

On display are large Spanish and Siamese jars that contained provisions for the passengers of the ship consisting of preserved fruits, sardines, salted meat, wine, vinegar and drinking water.

  • Spanish Jars – Approximately 70 of these round bottomed elongated jars were recovered from the wreck. Generally used to store olives and oil, these may have been reused to hold wine.
  • Dragon Jars – Manufactured in Southern China, these jars demonstrate the admirable creativity of 16th century Chinese potters. Note the liveliness of the relief and the prominence of the ears.  The decoration vividly depicts one of the oldest of Chinese myths.

History of the Filipino People

FB_IMG_1446610717309 FB_IMG_1446610726813 FB_IMG_1446610721512 FB_IMG_1446610737853 FB_IMG_1446610743701 FB_IMG_1446610789500

FB_IMG_1446610755238 FB_IMG_1446610793727

Butuan Boats


Prehistoric boats were recovered in Butuan, Agusan del Norte in 1978. There are nine existing prehistoric boats. The first boat dated 320 A.D. is in the site museum in Libertad, Butuan. The second boat dated to 1250 A.D. was transferred to the Pinagmulan Gallery (The Origin), in the 2nd floor of the Museum of the Filipino People in Manila. The third boat dated 990 A.D. is in the Butuan Regional Museum(Agusan del Norte, southern Philippines).

Biodiversity, and Linnaeus and Linnaean’s. 

12188981_1061765087181796_5858584663507181482_n12189727_1061765223848449_5459813646073014509_n    12191554_1061764993848472_8759030429677480062_n 12191868_1061765020515136_5558815956111614930_n 12196226_1061764770515161_8791717257737054989_n 12196291_1061764637181841_8188860589259978979_n 12219393_1061765050515133_8722584390878968552_n12122755_1061764797181825_1773298001754822227_n12188959_1061764943848477_7521974068333817151_n

Butterflies: Ideopsis juventa manillana Moore 1883

Family: Donaidae

It was already 4:30 in the afternoon when we went in the middle of the building. First thing that caught my attention was the Ifugao House.

FB_IMG_1446773429278 FB_IMG_1446773436915Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

  • Ifugao house: The heavily thatched roof serves as protection against rain and cold.

When the time was over, the took our last moments in taking selfies outside the Museum of the Filipino People. I really had fun albeit we only had 3 hours to see the museum. I would really love to revisit the place. In line with this, I am also expressing my gratitude to the government for giving a chance to the Filipinos to see the pride of our national artists for free.  

Processed with VSCOcam

Why you should visit The National Museum of the Philippines

DSC_3013 (1) DSC_3014

The National Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Free admission on Sundays.

Entrance Fees: Museum of the Filipino People
Individual Fee (PHP)
Student 30.00
Senior Citizen 80.00
Adult 100.00

Groups of 50 or more
Students 25.00
Senior Citizens 40.00

Adults 80.00

For more info about schedule and fees, check National Museum Website: