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Breaking free…


I want to break free and not tell anybody where I am up to.

I want to  head to places where no one knows my name.

I want to run from my usual zone and get rid of people.

I want also my shadow to get unnoticed and become invisible.

I want to be away from my present home, this isn't where I belong.

I want to run under the sun till it leaves a mark of a sunburn to my skin.

I want to spend a day or two alone on the top of a mountain.

I want to read a book there or make a poem.

I want to write down all the things that are cooking up in my head at that present time.

I want to feel the wind, its gentle breeze.

I want to play with every drop of the rain.

I want to see the beauty beyond a rainbow.

I want to count the number of days I have been gone while feeling all the senses being far.

I want the tweets of the birds be my alarm every morning.

I want to lay my back at the grass and stare above.

I want to make a wish after the twinkling of the stars.

I want to hear the sounds of the playful waves.

I want to taste the salty water in the ocean.

I want to leave my footprints along the sands in the beach.

I want to explore every corner of the world and bond with the foreign people I will meet in the way.

I want them to know my stories without letting them discovered how I am being called.

I want to take pictures of every beautiful piece around me.

I want to make an album of my travel alone and have it seen by many when I'm gone.

I want to inspire the lives of other people by my journey.

I want them to see the world the way I see it.

I want them to discover the mysteries behind every creation.

These are the things inside of me.

These are the forces that almost carry me walk away from reality.

I will chase the sun.

I am choosing to run.

I want to get totally lost.