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1st Year With WordPress

Happy Anniversary, WordPress!

Yeah! I’m celebrating my first anniversary with WordPress this month. It did not occur to me until I opened my account two hours ago and saw in my notification that it is my Anniversary with WordPress!

This sounds great, isn’t it? I feel so grateful that beyond my busy schedules, I am still able to access and look into my write-ups in here. And it just feels good that after all the reasons why I have created this blog, I’ve been able to know more about myself. I mean, I’ve been true enough with my words in all my posts here and I can say that it helped me improve in this activity.

I have nothing much to say as I just wanna express my gratitude with WordPress for letting me have an outlet of all my thoughts.

I am looking forward to painting my voice through this site and making my dreams possible to come true.

Thanks a lot!



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