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How Travel Changed My Life

14656412_1304974042860898_686530043959000818_nMt. Tagapo, Binangonan, Rizal

It all started with a goal: to move on.

Even before I engaged myself to travel, I have been hearing a lot of stories about how travel helps someone forget his/ her past, and how travel turns someone into a brand new person regardless of whatever reasons may have occurred. I didn’t believe it was true until I myself have proven it.

Never will I forget the very first time I had my hiking experience. That was in 2015. Ten days after, it shadowed with my birthday climb. My major try-outs and experiences were incredible, it was completely amazing. I was really delighted, and I believed I was already going through the process of detaching myself from sorrow. I knew I was doing it for a purpose. And I knew back then, that hiking would be a great help for me to recover from the pain that kept haunting me every day. This may sound cliché. But trust me when I say I was correct.

18136438_1490390050985962_588932967_nCrystal Beach Resort, Zambales

Moreover, through this activity, I was able to meet a lot of strangers, who eventually made a wonderful impact on my life; who made me recognize what I deserve and what I do not; who drove me move forward; who pushed me to see the world beyond my front door. Likewise, not only did travel teach me the importance of self-worth and self-awareness but it truly did help me discover the person in me.

16602901_1415410318483936_4789924678305148427_nFive Fingers, Mariveles, Bataan with Ka-Lakbay friends

Travel has become my remedy, in fact. Even though I have not yet gone to all the places in this world, travel has molded me to become the person I am today. Here’s how:

  1. I realized that there’s so much in this world
13669689_1220216671336636_5526439322596284252_nMaysawa Circuit, Tanay, Rizal

Travel ceased me from chasing the wrong person(s) and allowed me to acquaint with the new one(s). As the matter of fact, I got to have new circles through going from places to another.

In my journey of moving on, I found that the world has something to offer, something that cannot be rewarded to anyone by money, something I admit I failed once to perceive. And this is the beauty that cannot only be seen by our naked eyes but can also be felt by our endearing hearts. I usually find it whenever I stand on a high cliff overlooking the town or talk to a stranger I stumble upon in a museum.

14955962_1314504035241232_8101463333525980030_nWith Alex Agustin at Mt. Manabu, Lipa, Batangas

In addition, I can still recall the time I met an amputee. The moment I saw him on the trail along with his friends who walk with two normal limbs, I wondered if I would be able to see him in the summit. Not long after I reached the top, I saw him coming first while his friends were behind him. This situation taught me that the capacity of every individual cannot be measured by body distribution or how incapacitated you may seem to other people but the attitude, the determination, and the perseverance to finish the battle one exhibits.

13533150_1200682353290068_158792976494404794_n“Batanes of the East” Dingalan, Aurora

It is never all about where you came from or who you are but how you arise despite all your shortcomings in life. In my travel experiences, I became less judgmental.

  1. I became more compelled and assertive

We are all bound to experience hardships in life, aren’t we?

There are times in my life that I almost want to give up on challenges just because it is easier to think about frustrations and entertain thoughts of defeat. But because of all the lessons from the events in my life, I began to accept challenges and persist in the face of setbacks.

13335854_1185943214763982_5021696087840293043_n.jpgMt. Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

In terms of achieving my goals, I always taste the adrenaline in the back of my throat. I know I would feel complacent after achieving laurels.

When I feel down, I would keep myself on track as I do when I hike. I would keep my eyes on the ball as I do just to reach the top of the mountain. These certain events taught me to become the guru of myself. I learned that I can only rely on myself.

I have met a lot of people and it taught me lessons about showing our characters and proving our reputation is paramount than just saying it out loud. Actions speak louder than words.

13230130_10154227816029182_6081983657887039165_nCalaguas, Camarines Norte with Ka-Lakbay friends

Remarkably, travel has shaped me to become the person I never once thought I can be: I don’t compete anymore. I collaborate.

  1. I found Myself

Funny how the main reason why I travel has lead me to something astounding- I found myself. I found who really I am, even my worth as a woman.

16265563_1393852810639687_4892196837182370172_nMount Arayat, Pampanga

I realize that I have so much love in me. My feelings can be as deeper as the ocean. Albeit I am not going to live as younger as I wish, I can still be as playful as the waves in the sea. No one’s stopping me, indeed.

14568100_1283004985057804_7613908611128832568_nPatar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Every time I go to the edge of the water and wait for the sunset, I am reminded that no matter how stressful my life is and that how long it could possibly take for me to fulfill my dreams, I should not stop chasing through the edge of my success. But, I should continue walking without feeling any fear of falling.

I think if it wasn’t because of travel, perhaps I’m still struggling to get up. And most probably my path will seem mislaid if I didn’t agree to become my own arsenal of conviction.

And unless I chose to travel, I could not have found myself.

This time, I have just shared not only the story of why I travel but the things I learned from this particular area of my life. Yours can be shared with Traveloka.


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Hi! This is Kristine and you just stepped in to my room. Everything's written here is based on my thoughts, experiences, and emotions. I love reading novels, writing essays, and making friends with everybody. 10 Things You Should Know About Kristine 1.She is fascinated by words. At 6, she was already seen for being in love with writing and scribbling books. The first english word she has read all by herself was "write". For her, this is the reason she loves to write and to read. 2. She has climbed 30 mountains already. She started this activity in 2015 until 2017 when she promised to only get back when she has already fulfilled her priorities. As of this time, she's still working hard to be able to go back as soon as possible. 3. She had been in a relationship once. It lasted for 3 years and half of it she firmly believes to be a one-sided love. She gave up on this man in 2017 when she realized that she has been treated like a trash and no woman deserves to be mistreated like this. So she moved forward. 4. She is an old soul in this millennial world. Yes, she is into classics. She loves the things that her friends barely stand like listening to classic love songs. Fan-girling is definitely not her thing. 5. She has received a cake only twice in her entire life. For two consecutive years from her 23rd birthday, she has been given a cake twice. Hopefully this year when she will be celebrating her 25th birthday in December, she would receive one or two. 6. She doesn't have her first dance yet. You might be wondering but she never gone to prom during high school. And the idea of first dance? This is one of the precious gifts she is willing to give to her man on her wedding day. Lovely, isn't it? 7. She loves to talk about life itself. Boring? Nah. She is more into life, the value of it, and the stories of people around her about life. She tends to ask you questions about your life (not to pry or something) when she feels like asking. Bear with her interviewing skills. 8. She aims to travel the Philippines before 30. Before turning 30, she aims to have traveled the 81 provinces of the Philippines and make a vlog out of it. She would love to do it alone. Such a goal! 9. She is reserved. For her, it is when you stop looking for love when love comes for you. You have to do all your might just to see who really she is deep down. 10. She adores museums and parks and bookstores and coffee shops. 10. She is an old soul, remember? This' gonna be the permanent place for my thoughts (hopefully for I am aware that I've created more than 3 blog spots now) wherein I'll be posting my life-experienced dramas and stories. I'll get in touch everyday. I will try. :)

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