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A Love Letter To My 23-Year Old Self

Dear Kristine,

It has been a long and tough journey, hasn’t it? You almost gave up on your challenges just because you were afraid that if you continue to fight, you would get defeated. But you know what’s great about you? Despite you’re struggling on how to win your battles, you still have showed the world that you are unafraid and confident to face each trial. You are brave, remember that. Because if you are not, you could have been defeated by now.

I saw how calmly you consider harsh words from people who tried to bring you down and lose your self-esteem. I saw how you keep your track so you would not get to their levels. Many times I have seen you on your almost-down situation but you never let yourself to stay there. You have been hurt that even myself wanted to leave you so I would not see your pain. Because I know that behind your smiles lies an unpleasant setting. And by knowing the truth breaks me. But you endure until you overcome whatever it is. Sometimes, to be honest, your carrying the burden all by yourself triggers me to distant because it’s too much to see you pretending that everything is okay. In spite of it, I always find a way to stay for you. Because I believe in you and that I don’t let my life slip through my fingers by not witnessing your triumphs.

You have truly grown now. You are no longer that little kid who once had been reluctant to face her fears. Things are not the same as it was. You have become fearless of dares and you don’t allow anyone’s opinions drag you anymore. You have learned from your mistakes of letting their words come your way. But you must be thankful for it prepared you to become stronger now.

You’ve got a good heart full of good intentions and aspirations. Your relationship with God is inseparable. You are an inspiration to the people at your age. I know someday you don’t have to undergo difficulties just to show the world how courageous you are because enough is your willpower to succeed in achieving your goals and objectives despite your obstacles to prove it.

You are not alone. You are surrounded by people who always support you in your becoming the person you desire to be. There may be other people who don’t believe in your abilities but are they worth your time? Of course not. You know you don’t owe them one, do you?

You are 23 and yet your prince charming has not even arrived. Don’t rush things. You still have things to accomplish in your life. You are still young and there is still a long journey to go. You are gonna have to focus first on your stability. That would prepare you to settle down in a great manner.

Be yourself. You are fully aware of how things get better and how it slowly betrays you. Your experiences have equipped you to deal with your upcoming battles. I believe in you, do not forget that. And I love you more than anyone else does.

Good luck. Pray. Be brave.