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Staying Upfront

Hi there! Lately was too exhausting and energy-draining for I had to apply for another job and had to jump from one company to another in hopes to get hired in a day processing. You heard it right. I had to look for a new job once again for the 5th time in 3 years. I may sound insufficient and not fitted for all the jobs I’ve had in the previous years but… hell yeah I guess the right thing to say is that I really have never been into all of them so they had to kick my ass out of the company because I wasn’t belong and that they couldn’t stand anymore the fact that I was trying to sit with them when in fact, I couldn’t fit in. But still…

I know better than that. Frankly, before I decided to stay myself off for good from my recent company, I had choked up myself with the reality that I was suspended for 5 consecutive days. At first, I was numb enough to ask the whys and the what-have-I-done kind of questions. Instead I just went with the flow, wrote an explanation letter, signed something I barely recalled by now, did not think twice because what else could have I miraculously done with it? The things that were destined to happened, happened already in its perfect timing. Good job.

I’ll leave the story behind my suspension confidential because if I tell it here, people would probably throw mean words at me or look me like as if I’ve done a stupid thing without using my brain. Although I am very used to this kind of thinking, I will go now straight to my point…

We live in this world where there are so many rules and orders to follow. Orders which meet our values and orders that are against our will but have to comply for the sake of our image. There are also orders that should be taken place to impose as a punishment of whatever wrong-doings we have done. Also there are orders that can set us free. But no matter how many orders or rules we have in this world, that will never explain what kind of a person that person really is.

Okay. Here’s me ranting about my views in this post. I mean, I have been here in this situation before when I was kicked out only because I wasn’t given a chance to prove what I am capable of doing because according to the rule, I shouldn’t be given one. But it doesn’t make me a less human. It taught me to keep moving ahead until I will land to the spot I aim for getting into. It’s tiring, I know, specially when it feels like you are in a race and you have to accomplish something blurry. But life is not a race, it’s a marathon. So we have to keep our pace moving. We shouldn’t feel tired.

We should stay upfront. We should feel motivated by our lapses. It will make us even stronger.Edit

And things will surely even get better.



Hi! This is Kristine and you just stepped in to my room. Everything's written here is based on my thoughts, experiences, and emotions. I love reading novels, writing essays, and making friends with everybody. 10 Things You Should Know About Kristine 1.She is fascinated by words. At 6, she was already seen for being in love with writing and scribbling books. The first english word she has read all by herself was "write". For her, this is the reason she loves to write and to read. 2. She has climbed 30 mountains already. She started this activity in 2015 until 2017 when she promised to only get back when she has already fulfilled her priorities. As of this time, she's still working hard to be able to go back as soon as possible. 3. She had been in a relationship once. It lasted for 3 years and half of it she firmly believes to be a one-sided love. She gave up on this man in 2017 when she realized that she has been treated like a trash and no woman deserves to be mistreated like this. So she moved forward. 4. She is an old soul in this millennial world. Yes, she is into classics. She loves the things that her friends barely stand like listening to classic love songs. Fan-girling is definitely not her thing. 5. She has received a cake only twice in her entire life. For two consecutive years from her 23rd birthday, she has been given a cake twice. Hopefully this year when she will be celebrating her 25th birthday in December, she would receive one or two. 6. She doesn't have her first dance yet. You might be wondering but she never gone to prom during high school. And the idea of first dance? This is one of the precious gifts she is willing to give to her man on her wedding day. Lovely, isn't it? 7. She loves to talk about life itself. Boring? Nah. She is more into life, the value of it, and the stories of people around her about life. She tends to ask you questions about your life (not to pry or something) when she feels like asking. Bear with her interviewing skills. 8. She aims to travel the Philippines before 30. Before turning 30, she aims to have traveled the 81 provinces of the Philippines and make a vlog out of it. She would love to do it alone. Such a goal! 9. She is reserved. For her, it is when you stop looking for love when love comes for you. You have to do all your might just to see who really she is deep down. 10. She adores museums and parks and bookstores and coffee shops. 10. She is an old soul, remember? This' gonna be the permanent place for my thoughts (hopefully for I am aware that I've created more than 3 blog spots now) wherein I'll be posting my life-experienced dramas and stories. I'll get in touch everyday. I will try. :)

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