She Values Her Worth

Just in case you don’t know, she’s not easy. She’s not that kind of woman who would believe your words without you proving it through actions or even without you being consistent in winning her. She’s tougher now because she learned her lessons the hard way in love. She has been hurt before just so you know. She has been taken for granted that made her vow to never experience the pain she once had felt. She has been through a lot that made her become even stronger today. She is going to be more cautious this time around. So don’t blame her for being tough and hard to get.

But regardless of how she presents herself to the world, behind her positive outlooks lies a sad truth. She may be a tough woman in the outside but she can’t deny the fact that she’s still lacking something in the inside.

Sometimes, she talks vivaciously as if she’s not undergoing something. Her friends will look up to her as a person with an energetic spirit but little do they know that behind all these show-offs is a person with a missing piece. She is trying not to show how hurt she is because as much as possible, she wants to be seen brave, with no bruised at all.

She endures all the pain she carries in her heart, the emptiness that kills her. She hates to get dark because when it does, loneliness creeps in and she can’t bear how heavy it makes her feel. It makes her the saddest person in the world. She hates it when she’s not associated by anyone because after she realizes she’s alone, eventually all she could hear is the sound of her mourning and pain. She sobs for a moment. She will wait until her eyes close so she could fall deeply in love with her dreams. For her, waking up the next day feels like a new battle to begin with.

She craves attention, genuine love, and happiness. She craves for someone who would do everything only to pick the debris of her broken pieces and make it whole again.  She craves for someone who will go with her for a road trip, steal a snapshot of hers while searching the book she wants to read on the bookstore, someone who would let her do crazy things without restrictions. She craves for someone who will fight for her no matter how hard the journey will be, someone who will love listening to her voice as she reads her diary for him. She craves for a meaningful late-night talks, a beautiful conversation about dreams, future, love, and life. She craves for a moment when she’s with her man talking deeply about their plans and goals together under the moon and cover her by so much care and love when she feels cold. She can’t wait for the day when she can feel safe under the arms of the man who sees the beauty in how she became who she is today.

She may have a firm personality but she is a woman who chooses to be kind in the world where she can be anything. She is a strong woman who values her worth and knows her standards. She has a humble heart and she’s trying her best to have a peaceful mind that will remind her that there is more to life than battling with negative emotions.

Man, when you decide to leave her, she’s not going to beg for you to stay because she knows how to keep her promise to never chase a man. She’ll let you go without asking you for a closure. Once you cheat on her and she tells you goodbye, she means it a lot. Don’t expect her to call you back because for her, once she’s hurt and she decides to move forward, there is no turning back.