Hi! This is Kristine and you just stepped in to my room. But you are welcome anyway. 🙂 Everything that is written here is based on my thoughts, experiences, and emotions. I love reading novels, writing essays, and making friends with everybody.

To know me better, here are the 10 Fun Facts about me.
1. I am into mountaineering.
2. I wanna have a nippa hut built on top of a mountain.
3. My favorite chocolate is Flattops.
4. I am afraid of worms.
5. I am an imaginary novelist.
6. The first English word I learned to read all by myself was the word “write”.
7. I haven’t yet received a cake through out my life.
8. I wish to be an eagle.
9. About life is my favorite topic.
10. Mountains. Books. People.

This’ gonna be the permanent place for my thoughts (hopefully for I am aware that I’ve created more than 3 blog spots now) wherein I’ll be posting my life-experienced dramas and stories.

I’ll get in touch everyday. I will try. 🙂




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