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I am dying
for having you
by my side
this time of
I am dying
for seeing you
one more time
this time of
I am dying
for touching you
again this time
and for the rest
of my life.
I am dying
for your love
to wash away
all of the
brought by life.
This is my desire. This is want I want right now under the taps of the raindrops on the roof. This cold weather reminds me of how we used to cuddle and forget everything under the sheets. 
Desire spreads through me like wildfire.
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I am an eagle flying up in the sky,
Not minding the view below my sight.
I’m flying freely with my wings so high.
It’s the life I anticipate in the dark, in the light.
I can do anything I please in my own,
Singing with the breeze matching my tone,
Dancing with the glory of being freed,
This is my world, I am the lead.
I am free! I am free!
I am up the sky
and conquered with love!
I am flying so high!
I’ll fly like no more tomorrows.
Soar high until no more sorrow.
Up in here I am at peace
I deserve to be at ease.
I am flying.
Will be flying forever.
This is my life now
and I will never cry.
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How It Feels

Tell me
how it feels
to be 
by me.
Tell me
how it feels
to be forgotten
by me.
Tell me
how it feels
to be
disliked by me.
Tell me if you want me.
Tell me how it feels like to be in my shoes.
Tell me
if you’ve realized my worth.
Tell me if you want me to come back.
And if you’ve seen my worth.
Tell me if you need me.
Tell me if you need something more.
I’ll give you nothing but a wretched heart.
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Let me kiss you from here
Without you even knowing.
Let me kiss you within
Every spot of your skin.
Let me kiss you for who you are
I am into you I can’t be a liar.
Let me kiss you so deeply
Am burning like a hot tea.